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OpenNos Emulator Project. See AUTHORS file for Copyright information.

This project was abandoned by developers. Pull request is still accepted, but there are really few chances that this emulator will continue.
The founder of this project is now working on a new Emulator: NosCore.
for more information :


A master branch is to which we will push only stable changes that got confirmed, we develop now on dev branch, please dont ask for help with using dev branch, its unstable and designed only for advanced users.


We are not responsible of any damages caused by bad usage of our source: thermonuclear war, lit ssd’s or getting fired because you spent whole night installing the required files. Please before asking questions or installing this source read this readme and also do a research, google is your friend. If you mess up when installing our source because you didnt follow it, we will laugh at you. A lot.

Instructions to contribute


This project is a community project not for commercial use. The emulator itself is proof of concept of our idea to try out anything what’s not possible on original servers. The result is to learn and program together for prove the study.

This Website and Project is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Gameforge or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent and unofficial server for educational use ONLY. Using the Project might be against the TOS.

Before opening new issues troubleshooting can be found here

Contribution is only possible with Visual Studio 2017, additionally install .net framework 4.7 SDK and Microsoft SQL Server 2016

We recommend usage of StyleCop extension and ResX Resource Manager.

After latest changes you might want to get ready to use .NET Framework 4.7

Building the code

1. Install SSDT For Visual Studio

2. Install or Configure Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (at least Developer Edition)

3. Use the NuGet Package Manager to Update the Database